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Employee Engagement in the Modern Workforce

With only 1-in-3 employees engaged, the modern workforce is costing American businesses $300 billion a year! Download “Employee Engagement in the Modern Workforce” to learn about the five generations that make up your workforce, and what really engages each one of them.

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What We Do

We help organizations find the right people, shape them into a winning team, and lead them to their full potential.

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Why Assessments?

Our employment assessments provide validated and highly reliable information that can help your organization make better hiring and management decisions. They help you select the right people, develop their professional skills, and establish effective succession planning.

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FAQs for Buyers

Make an informed decision for your organization. Learn more about how our services can be helpful in your specific role: Executive Leaders, HR or Training Manager, Hiring Manager, Sales or Service Manager.

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Find the Right Solution

With our wide variety of products addressing every stage of the employee lifecycle, you are sure to find a solution that meets your needs. Some of our more popular employment assessments are the ProfileXT®, Checkpoint 360™ and Step One Survey II®. If you're not sure about what assessment solution you need, call us at 1-866-751-1644.

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