ProfilesTMS: Applicant Tracking System

Assess Overview

An online career center helps you show potential applicants what your company can offer them. Because they build an online profile the first time they visit, you are guaranteed to receive the information you are looking for.

PLP-Assess Overview

Central Resume Storage House

Applicants apply online with electronic resumes, so you can search for the right candidates with the right skills quickly and efficiently. No more piles of resumes to sort through. Advanced search functionality provides you with a database populated with passive candidates to begin your talent hunt.


Candidate View

Every candidate in the system has their own dashboard view. By simply clicking on their name, they see a screen populated with their resume, cover letter, notes, interview history, offers and more.

Assess Overview

EEO Compliance

By tracking your hires in a central location and gathering valuable EEO data, you can quickly report on key statistics, and be sure you’re viewing accurate data.


Onboarding New Hires

You can save considerable time on a new employee’s first day when all of their paperwork has been completed online before they start work. They can arrive on their first day with the employee handbook in hand and their workstation already set up—so they will be ready to work, and you were able to make it all happen with a few clicks of your mouse.


Outlook Integration

Set up interviews, enter events on your applicant tracking system calendar, and sync with Outlook. You can also send emails through the system and keep a copy of it in Outlook.


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See how the Profiles Applicant Tracking System works firsthand when you request a demo. It’s easy to get started with a free trial and free consultation. There’s no obligation, no upfront cost, and it’s 100% risk free.