CheckPoint 360°™


Improve performance and build bench strength across your organization. Learn how to determine strengths and development areas of senior staff, and report on strategies for effective leadership development.

Assess Overview

Assessment Overview

The CheckPoint 360°™ is a leadership assessment used primarily to evaluate the skills and effectiveness of your managers and leaders. This survey compiles a feedback system from direct reports, peers, and supervisors, and then creates a personalized program for developing specific leadership skills based on that feedback. The reports show you how to improve training, management techniques, and communication for greater success.



The CheckPoint 360°™ is a 360-degree leadership assessment tool used to help managers identify and prioritize their own development opportunities and leadership skills. It can also help you discover management issues that could lead to low employee productivity, morale, satisfaction, and turnover.

The CheckPoint 360°™ helps you:

  • Guide your own professional development
  • Improve employee morale, productivity, and satisfaction
  • Decrease staff turnover
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“ProfileXT® and CheckPoint 360°™ are the products we like to use for leadership development. These tools give participants insight into their own skills.” – Whole Foods Market

How the CheckPoint 360°™ is Used


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