ProfilesTMS: Employee Performance System

Assess Overview

Profiles Employee Performance Management System helps you align your organizational goals with individual staff goals.

PLP-Assess Overview


The Performance Management System lets you automate your performance management process. This solution helps you align organizational goals with individual staff goals, and encourages continuous feedback between employees and their manager to help further employee development.

Transform your existing performance appraisal form into a powerful performance management solution, or use our “strategy-based” solution, based on best practices.


Features at a Glance

Use Any Appraisal Format

  • Flexible system allows you to design custom appraisals
  • Tailor form by job, department or even by employee

Set Up Custom Workflows

  • Flexible and customizable to fit your organization’s processes and needs
  • Assign single or multiple supervisor scenarios
  • Workflows have automatic appraisal flow and scoring

Powerful Competency Builder

  • Company-wide or job specific
  • Build your own or select from our extensive library

Flexible Scale

  • Use your current scale or choose any other one
  • Use different scales on different pages of form

Easy Administration

  • Complete tracking and documentation of all performance related activities
  • Automatic scheduling and reminders including periodic review reminders
  • Automatic generation of printed forms
  • Extensive online help

Assess Overview

Benefits at a Glance

Minimize Legal Risk
Complete all employees’ appraisals in a timely and secure manner while ensuring uniform compliance with rules and regulations. This tightened, automated, and fully documented appraisal process gives you access to a powerful database to support personnel actions.< Enhance Employee Performance
Identify, address and track development needs in a timely manner and provide timely and specific feedback.

Reduce Administrative Costs and Burden
Avoid printing and distributing forms, sending reminders and follow up.

Regain Control
HR and management have full control over the process with tracking, oversight and reporting.

Stay Organized and Meet Deadlines
Get system reminders of review and assessment due dates, actions, and follow-ups.

Generate Rich Reports
Comprehensive one-click reports allow managers to monitor performance by division, department or supervisor, and examine workforce trends.


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