Profiles Talent Management System

Assess Overview

Profiles Talent Management System enables organizations to unify crucial talent management processes.

Profiles Talent Management System (ProfilesTMS) lets organizations combine all of their talent management processes—from applicant tracking to employee assessment and performance management—efficiently onto a single technology platform. All of the tools will be right at your fingertips, which helps you:

  • Efficiently and effectively manage talent in your organization
  • Easily stay in compliance with workforce regulations

PLP-Assess Overview

Applicant Tracking System

Great companies, whether big or small, share one common characteristic—the need for quality, passionate people. But finding the right people can be a great challenge. ProfilesTMS web-based Applicant Tracking helps you:

  • Attract, source, screen, and hire the exceptional talent your managers need
  • Shorten your time-to-hire by 66% or more and your cost-per-hire by 40% or more
  • Report on these types of metrics, so you can see just how efficient your business has become


Robust Employee Assessments

Profiles Talent Management System seamlessly integrates with the Profiles Assessment Center, giving you a wealth of information to support your pre- and post- hire evaluation efforts. Available assessments include:

Assess Overview

Employee Performance Management

Profiles Talent Management System helps automate your performance management process. This innovative solution eases the function of aligning organizational goals with staff goals, and enables continuous feedback between employees and their manager to help further employee development.


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