Conflict Management

Poor Selection Process

Developing a conflict management strategy to address workplace conflict can positively impact your organization’s performance and overall success.


Executive Briefing – How to Avoid the Seven Biggest Team Building Blunders

Identifies seven major roadblocks to building and managing high-performing teams and suggests ways to avoid such blunders.

Selection Process Overview

Causes of Workplace Conflict

Conflict is often caused by an inability to communicate effectively. Many people assume that conflicts are due to differences of opinion or incompatible personalities, but in reality workplace conflicts are often connected to a difference in work style.

Effective communication among co-workers and between the manager and employee(s) is based on knowledge and understanding the core characteristics of the individuals involved and how their styles fit together.

Poor Selection Affects Your Business

How We Can Help

Profiles International understands the importance of conflict management within an organization. Our talent management tools help managers and employees understand the similarities and differences between them and how it impacts their communication – a key step in reducing conflict.

Our conflict management solutions offer insight into the origins of situations that can create workforce conflict between employees or an employee and their manager. More importantly, we can suggest actions to improve the way they work together.

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