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You work hard to earn each customer, so you cannot afford to risk losing even a single one of them. Each customer who abandons you represents significant loss in terms of wasted resources and potential profit.


White Paper – Seven Factors for Building Extreme Customer Loyalty

It costs more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. There are actions you can take and behaviors you can measure that create long-term relationships between sellers and buyers.

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Why Customer Retention is so Important

It’s a well-known mantra in business: “it costs much more to attract a new customer than it does to retain one you already have.” You invest considerable time and effort to gain a customer. The longer they stick with you, the greater your return on that investment.

Customers these days have many options, and they tend to have high standards. If you fail to live up to their expectations, they will quickly go elsewhere. On the other hand, satisfied customers will remain loyal—and will serve as the best unofficial brand ambassadors your company could have.

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One of the top reasons for customer dissatisfaction and abandonment is poor service. Lack of communication can also be a big problem. If your employees aren’t providing the best possible service, you need to take action quickly before your business suffers. 

Profiles International can help you make immediate changes to ensure your team members are treating customers with the utmost care and respect. Our Customer Service Profile™ evaluates an employee’s customer service skills and abilities. We also have a variety of other talent management solutions to help you assemble and develop the best team to help you achieve the highest possible customer retention rates.

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