Low Employee Motivation

Low Employee Motivation Issues

Your employees may be motivated, but not necessarily in the areas that are most important to you. The reasons for lack of motivation will vary with each individual person. A wide variety of factors can affect an employee’s motivation including their manager’s leadership style, type of feedback and support they receive, opportunities for advancement, job satisfaction and of course things like salary and benefits.

While some of these may be out of your control, it is to your benefit to try and improve employee motivation in whatever ways you can.

Ineffective Leadership

Diamond in the Rough: Identifying High-Potential Employees

Identifying High-Potential employees can often be derailed by a subjective process. Taking a different view of the High-Potential process can help identify early candidates, and lead to retaining the strongest employees.

How This Affects Your Business

How Low Employee Motivation Affects Your Business

Employee motivation has a direct impact on your bottom line. Employees who lack motivation will not perform to their full potential, and likely will not show the dedication to their work that you need and expect. Their work performance and quality will likely suffer, which in turn hurts their team and your organization.

In addition, employees who don’t feel they are getting support and development from the company may quickly grow unsatisfied and look for other opportunities elsewhere.

Low Employee Motivation Solutions

Our Solutions

Profiles International offers several tools that can help you improve employee motivation. Our solutions include the Profiles Performance Indicator™ which can reveal information about the worker’s personality and how that affects their job performance and their relationships with other members of their team.

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