Low Potential

Low Potential

Many problems related to low productivity can be traced back to an inability by one or more employees to reach their full potential.


Deadly Dynamics Within Teams – Will Your Onboarding Process Handle the Stress?

Most would not consider hiring a new employee without comparing the individual to an established success profile or performance model and having evidence of their job fit. The process requires a more thoughtful approach, however, when one considers hiring for team fit, company fit, and corporate culture fit. Managers are frequently looking for individuals who can perform the job assignment and be an asset to the department as well as the company, bringing with them attributes that will strengthen the team and perhaps the organization.

Low Potential Affects Your Business

Poor Potential Overview

Employees fail to live up to their full potential for a variety of reasons. They may lack confidence in their abilities, or may need additional training or education. Alternatively, they may not receive the leadership and support they need to flourish and shine in their positions.

Of course, they may also lack motivation—which can be due partly to a lack of good leadership. However, some employees may lack motivation because they don’t like their jobs or aren’t in a position that fits well with their interests and abilities. Then there are those employees who simply aren’t concerned with performing well, and don’t have the drive to do a good job.

Solutions for Low Employee Potential

How Low Potential Affects Your Business

Whatever the reason, employees who aren’t reaching their potential or achieving the level of performance you expect are negatively affecting your productivity and profits. Employees that aren’t performing at optimum levels will pull down the performance numbers for their entire department, and will make it difficult (if not impossible) for that department to reach its goals and target performance levels.

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Our Solutions

Profiles International has several tools to help you find out why an employee isn’t living up to their potential.  Pre-screening solutions can spot the issue before the person is hired. Once they are on staff, our job fit tools can help you better match employees with positions at which they will excel.

If an employee has potential to succeed in the particular position they are assigned, they may simply need more training and development. Our solutions will help you create an individualized path for developing employees into stars among your team. 

What Assessment Tools Do

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Find out how Talent Management Solutions from Profiles International can help your organization solve Low Potential challenges. Contact us today.