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Even in large organizations, each individual worker can have a far-reaching impact on the morale and productivity of the operation as a whole.


White Paper – Managing Difficult Employees

Dealing with difficult employees is inevitable. As a manager, there will always be employees or clients who are annoying, lazy, or just downright rude. You have a choice to either work with them or let them go. Terminating the employment of difficult employees may help you in the short term, but it also increases hiring costs. And what if the employee is a high performer? This white paper will address those problems, and offer solutions to fix them.

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Challenges for Managers

One of the most challenging aspects of leading a team is finding a way to manage difficult employees who are uncooperative or whose attitude may negatively impact others in the organization.

A team is only as strong as its weakest (or least motivated) member. Employees who are unwilling to make an effort to work together with others in a positive way can be very disruptive to the progress of their team. Negativity can also be contagious, and can quickly affect the morale of others in that department.

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An employee who appears difficult or uncooperative may just be frustrated by a position that isn’t challenging or interesting. Moving the employee to a position that is more fulfilling to them can often greatly improve the worker’s attitude. Motivating the individual in a strategic way can also make a big difference.

Profiles International has solutions to help companies ensure that each employee is assigned to jobs that are the best fit for them. Our employee assessment tools can also help identify the best ways to motivate specific workers.

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