Poor Employee Performance

Poor Employee Performance

If one or more of your employees are not performing at the level that your business demands, it will affect the output of their department, which, in turn, affects the company’s overall productivity.


Improve Performance and Achieve Measurable Bottom-Line Results

Did you know that 10 TOP-PERFORMING sales professionals provide nearly the same output as 28 MARGINAL salespeople? This webinar will demonstrate the direct link between the achievement of measurable business results and assessment data.

Executive Briefing – The Leader’s Guide to Managing Workplace Stress

Businesses should be concerned about promoting the health and safety of their employees. This briefing is designed to help executives understand, recognize, and effectively deal with stress in the workplace.

Performance Overview

Performance Overview

There are a variety of reasons for poor employee performance. The person may simply not be a very good employee in general, meaning they are someone you probably shouldn’t have hired in the first place. They may also lack strong leadership, in which case they may be struggling without the guidance they need. There is also the possibility that they were put in a position that is a poor fit for their interests and abilities.

However, it’s also possible that they simply need more training and development to provide them with the confidence, skills and knowledge they need in order to perform well in their role.

Poor Employee Performance Affects Your Business

How Poor Employee Performance Affects Your Business

When employees fail to perform at the level you demand and expect, it hurts your bottom line. An enterprise cannot succeed and thrive if members of its workforce are performing poorly and not reaching your expectations.

Employee Performance Solutions

Our Solutions

Profiles International offers a variety of tools to help with all of the factors that can lead to poor employee performance. Our solutions include:

  • pre-screening and hiring tools
  • job matching
  • employee evaluation and development solutions

Specifically, our ProfileXT® and Profiles Performance Indicator™ tools can be extremely helpful in establishing a plan to improve employee performance.

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