Poor Job Fit

Poor Job Fit

Even the most talented and hard-working employee will find it difficult to succeed in a position that doesn’t match his or her skills, abilities and interests. Everyone has their own particular strengths and aptitudes, and will succeed best in positions that mesh well with those characteristics.


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Job fit gets to the core of who a person really is. When you identify and evaluate a person’s innate personality traits, abilities, and behaviors, you can determine if a person CAN do a job, HOW they will do the job, and if they will ENJOY their work. Establishing job fit helps organizations to make better hiring decisions by understanding the core characteristics of your top performers.

Poor Job Fit Affects Your Business

How Poor Job Fit Affects Your Business

Placing an employee in a position that isn’t a good fit for them will likely cause them to struggle and grow frustrated. This will hurt the employee’s productivity and morale, and will negatively affect their performance and output. It may even prompt them to want to leave their job. In this case, you risk losing a valuable employee who might perform well in another role, but simply has been placed in the wrong position.

Failing to match employees with the right job sets them up to fail. It also hurts your organization in the form of lower productivity, higher turnover and poor employee morale.

Leadership Development Solutions

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Profiles International offers solutions to help you develop strong leaders in your organization. We can approach this with a two-fold strategy. First, we help you evaluate your leaders and pinpoint areas where they need more development or training. Then we also provide your managers with assessment tools to help them get valuable insights about the team members they supervise—information that can be very useful in helping them tailor their management approach according to what would work best for their particular employees.

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