Poor Selection Process

Poor Selection Process

Choosing the best employees the first time is the most efficient way to assemble a strong, successful team.


Actionable Data can Take the Guesswork out of the Hiring Process

This data has proven that when you hire people who are identified as “most likely to succeed,” they stay on the job longer and perform better. In this webinar, you will learn that it’s not about the quantity of job applicants; it is about the quality of those individuals. Learn first-hand how actionable data will save you time and money and help you to hire, promote, train, and develop employees capable of performing at superior levels.

Selection Process Overview

Selection Overview

It’s critical to have an effective, strategic hiring process that can help ensure you select the best possible candidates who will succeed at your organization.

A misstep at this point in the process can set off a chain of effects which can negatively impact your organization for as long as that employee remains in your company.

Poor Selection Affects Your Business

How Poor Selection Affects Your Business

Hiring an employee who is not a good fit for your company—or for the specific position in which you place them—can hurt your bottom-line. That new hire likely won’t perform at the level you expect, and may even have a negative effect on the entire team. They may perform in a way that doesn’t meet your standards, or may not represent your company in the manner you want. In addition, they may leave their position after a short time–meaning you will have wasted all of the time and resources you invested into training them.

An inefficient or disorganized selection process can lead to costly hiring mistakes, wasted resources, higher employee turnover, and a work environment that isn’t ideal. Even worse, if your hiring process doesn’t include adequate background checks, you risk bringing someone into your organization that may expose your company and employees to a variety of risks and problems.

Solutions For Hiring Process

Our Solutions

Profiles International offers an assortment of tools to help you manage your hiring process in an effective, cost-efficient way.

Our powerful pre-hire assessments will help your organization develop a strategic hiring process that will minimize the costs associated with hiring and recruiting employees.

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