Shrinking Talent Pool

Shrinking Talent Pool

It is a problem that plagues many enterprises – just when your employees reach a point where they perform at their highest level, they leave. Or, you suddenly find that your business is experiencing increasingly high turnover rates.

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White Paper – Innovating the Talent Assessment Experience: A Promising Engagement

There has long been the argument that as long as the assessment measures the characteristics we are intending to measure, and does so with a high degree of reliability, validity, and sensitivity, then very little else matters. However, this belief is changing.

Dr. Kurt Hulett’s white paper provides an in-depth discussion about the candidate’s experience from the moment they walk in HR’s doors. The document also explains the reasons for the creation of an authentic, meaningful assessment, the importance of a consultative culture, and much more.

How This Effects Your Business

How This Affects Your Business

Whatever the particular situation, your talent pool may be shrinking rapidly. This affects your company in a negative way by hurting productivity and efficiency, and by forcing you to incur increased costs related to hiring and replacing departing employees. In order to avoid these issues, it’s important to try and retain the top talent you already have. A big factor in achieving that goal is ensuring your team members feel happy and fulfilled in their positions.

When employees are placed in jobs that fit with their own natural gifts and talents, they tend to succeed. Rather than placing employees only where there is a need, consider how each employee individually matches his specific job. However, there is more to job fit than merely making sure the employee can do a job. You must also ensure that the employee wants to do the job. If he isn’t happy, he isn’t going to produce much more than an unqualified employee.

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Shrinking Talent Pool Challenges

Profiles International can help you make sure employees are in the right positions—and that they get the satisfaction and enjoyment from their jobs that makes them want to stay.

Our tools to help you avoid a shrinking talent pool include the ProfileXT® which ensures you place the right employees in the right positions, along with other assessments that can evaluate an employee’s strengths and determine where they might be happiest and most productive within your organization.

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