Succession Planning Issues

Succession Planning Issues

Even the most well-run organizations can encounter serious problems during a change in leadership, especially if it happens suddenly. If the transition is unexpected or poorly managed, it can lead to confusion, insecurity and distractions at all levels of the company.

Succession Planning Issues

Organizational Toxicity: Considerations for Succession Planning and Talent Management

This webinar features an innovative look at succession planning and the steps necessary for success. Learn how to identify and develop people within your organization through the use of succession planning and talent management.

How This Affects Your Business

How This Affects Your Business

Enterprises that fail to properly plan for a change in leadership can risk serious problems if a member of the executive team departs. This may set off a period of disorganization, during which teams at all levels lack leadership or direction. Worse, it can cause employees to become nervous or fearful about the direction of the company and its current stats. All of this creates an environment that isn’t conducive to productivity and success.

If your organization doesn’t have a clear, well-planned succession strategy, you risk setting your company up for chaotic and stressful period of transition that could have a major negative impact on your business. It may also cause your company to lose the momentum and competitive standing your entire staff has worked so hard to achieve. This may be just the opportunity your competitors are waiting for, giving them the perfect chance to take advantage of your company’s disorganized state.

Succession Planning Solutions

Our Solutions

Profiles International can help you ensure that your company continues to run smoothly and efficiently during a change in leadership.

Checkpoint 360°™ can be a valuable tool in helping you develop a succession strategy. This tool helps you identify the strongest leaders among your team, so you can have capable soon-to-be executives in waiting whenever they are needed.

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