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Team conflict or tension among members of a team can bring all progress to an immediate halt. This can create a negative atmosphere that greatly decreases motivation and productivity.


Webinar – What Happens When Two Different Cultures Collide?

This session explores some of the greatest challenges in bringing together people of different geographies, languages, customs, and corporate communities. It reviews the strategies that have proven effective, and offers some suggestions for managing the necessary collision of two cultural entities.

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Impact of Conflict

Team conflict can be a killer when it comes to team success. If a team is plagued by internal conflict, it will be very difficult for the group to achieve ideal results, regardless of how talented or dedicated the individual members may be. This can have an impact on the morale and attitude of each team member, which will affect their work performance both in the group and in other facets of their job.

Team dynamics play a major role in the ability of the group to work effectively and achieve their intended goals. Preventing and eliminating team conflict will greatly help the group succeed, while allowing each individual member to perform at their best.

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Profiles International has many solutions to help you encourage positive and productive team dynamics while avoiding team conflict. Profiles Performance Indicator™ is a performance-based employee assessment tool that provides you with valuable insight into how an individual can be motivated and managed to operate at peak performance. This helps you maintain high morale while also identifying potential sources of conflict.

We also have a number of other tools and resources to help you with team conflict.

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