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Teams are the building blocks that make up the strength of a company. The outcome of each team’s efforts will have an impact on the productivity and success of the organization as a whole.


White Paper – How to Avoid the Seven Biggest Team-Building Blunders

This white paper identifies seven major roadblocks to building and managing high-performing teams and suggests ways to avoid such blunders.

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Factors That Affect Team Performance

The performance of a team as a unit will depend in large part on the team skills of the group’s individual members. Communication skills, motivation, openness to other viewpoints, and personality traits will all play a role in how well an employee performs in a team environment.

Leadership is also an important driver of team performance and progress. Regardless of the strength and motivation of its members, a team may struggle to achieve its full potential if it lacks a leader with the skills to best utilize each employee’s talents in a way that enhances the group dynamics.

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Profiles International has developed a package of solutions designed to help companies create and nurture strong teams. Our team building tools are an obvious choice for organizations that want to make team-building a high priority.

Our leadership development products will also be a valuable asset in allowing managers to help employees reach their full potential and serve as productive team members.

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