Unskilled Workers

Unskilled Workers

Employees who lack the critical skills necessary to perform the job they are assigned will not be able to achieve the results you need. They will likely fail to deliver results, both in the form of productivity and work quality.


Coaching Your Team To Reach Their Maximum Potential

Leaders have the challenge of knowing how to maximize the working relationship with each direct report, individually and as a cohesive unit. But in the workplace, compatibility is not always achieved, and not always desirable.
In this webinar, we will learn how to better understand personality clashes, and how they can have a negative effect on departmental success when they are not addressed.

Unskilled Workers Affect Your Business

How Unskilled Workers Affect Your Business

If workers are placed in positions for which they lack the necessary skills, you will experience lower productivity and decreased profits, at least for the short term. You will then need to invest time and resources into training these employees so they develop the skills to perform the job at the level you expect.

This can cause delays in achieving the results you need from that employee, or the team as a whole. It can also cause frustration on the part of that employee, as well as other members of their team and managers.

Unskilled Employee Solutions

Our Solutions

Profiles International can help you avoid placing unskilled workers in positions that require certain abilities.

The ProfileXT®  is a valuable tool to help you evaluate whether a candidate or employee will be able to perform in a position you need to fill.

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