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Workplace conflict can be extremely destructive and harmful to a business in many ways. Even a seemingly small dispute that begins as an isolated incident can soon cause problems that can quickly grow and spread.


White Paper – Managing Difficult Employees: Problems and Solutions

Dealing with difficult employees is inevitable. As a manager, there will always be employees or clients who are annoying, lazy, or just downright rude. You have a choice to either work with them or let them go. Terminating the employment of difficult employees may help you in the short term, but it also increases hiring costs. And, what if the employee is a high performer?

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Causes and Effects of Workplace Conflict

Today’s workplaces often consist of a diverse group of employees who may have vastly different backgrounds, goals, communication styles, and work style preferences. Lack of communication and misunderstandings are often at the root of interoffice conflicts.

Conflict among team members can result in poor morale, decreased productivity, a tense work environment and perhaps even higher turnover. All of these things lead to higher costs and reduced profits, and will also create a distraction that can prevent teams from achieving their goals. If a company is plagued by a lot of internal conflict, this can significantly affect the bottom line and the ability to stay competitive.

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Profiles International has a variety of employee evaluation tools that can identify potential sources of conflict, as well as communication issues that may need to be resolved. These assessments can also reveal any particular biases, misconceptions, or beliefs on the part of an individual employee, which may make it difficult for them to interact effectively with other employees who have different views.

In addition, our team building tools can show you how to help employees overcome workplace conflict and work together to successfully achieve a goal.

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