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Your management talent is the foundation of your business. Effective management by your leaders play a pivotal role in determining the success of all of the members of their team.


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Management is, essentially, the organization and coordination of the activities of a business to achieve defined objectives. Organizations that are led by effective managers will experience low turnover, maximum productivity, a high caliber of talent, and an increase in bottom-line results.

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Impact of Effective Management

The leadership style and communication abilities of your managers have a direct and obvious impact on the workers they supervise.

Strong, confident leaders who lead in a positive and encouraging way are more likely to have productive and motivated team members. On the other hand, managers who lead in a domineering or combative manner are likely to create friction and stress in their department, leading to lower morale and decreased productivity.

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Profiles International has a number of leadership assessment solutions that can assess the strengths and abilities of your management staff, and identify ways in which they can improve. These tools can also help evaluate managers’ communication styles and team-building skills.

Taken as a group, the results from these assessments may also help you determine ways in which your current management training efforts are lacking, so you can better tailor your development programs to give your managers the best chance for success.

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