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At large businesses, employees may be required to participate in a number of separate teams (often more than one simultaneously). This means collaborating with a diverse group of co-workers and managers, each of whom can impact the overall team dynamic.


Webinar – What Happens When Two Different Cultures Collide?

This session explores some of the greatest challenges in bringing together people of different geographies, languages, customs, and corporate communities. It reviews the strategies that have proven effective, and some suggestions for managing the necessary collision of two cultural entities.

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Challenges for Team Dynamics

Effective teamwork can involve particular challenges in a large company, where groups may be created to work on a specific project or task encompassing numerous sectors of the business. This means that the group may consist of employees from different departments or organizational units who may have had little or no previous interaction. These workers may have vastly different backgrounds, skills, and communication styles.

Employees who struggle to communicate and problem-solve productively with others in their team will find it difficult to accomplish their goals in an efficient way.

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It is critical that employees be given tools and training to assist them in working together with a diverse group of team members in a positive and productive manner. Profiles International offers a number of tools to encourage employees to participate in effective teamwork.

Our talent management solutions can detect potential areas of conflict, and help find the best strategies to allow team members to work well together. Our team building tools can also provide solutions and tactics that encourage employees to collaborate with a diverse group of co-workers despite different communication styles.

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