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Excessive employee absenteeism can cause a range of problems for a company. This situation can result in decreased productivity, lost revenue, and lower morale.


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This eBook will make a huge difference in your employee engagement. If you have disengaged employees, at a minimum you’re already dealing with major productivity losses. You may also be at risk of higher turnover, increased costs, and lower morale among your engaged employees.

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Impact of Attendance Problems

A single employee’s absenteeism problem can have a ripple effect that spreads throughout their unit or department. Other members of their team may need to take on additional duties to compensate for the absent employee’s decreased performance. This can be disruptive to the department workflow, and can also negatively impact other workers’ morale and job satisfaction.

In addition, if the situation requires a replacement worker or causes disruptions that delay project completions, this can result in additional costs to the company.

What Assessment Tools Do

How We Can Help

Profiles International offers solutions that can help you identify issues that may lead to employee absenteeism, and evaluate a particular employee’s tendency to be habitually absent. The Step One Survey II® is an assessment tool that can be helpful for this purpose.

Our tools can also help reveal poor job fit or other factors that can cause low job satisfaction, which can sometimes be at the root of habitual absenteeism.

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