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Large companies need a proven, reliable system for accurately evaluating employees—both before and after they are hired. This serves as an effective way to gauge the individual’s skills and abilities, as well as providing insight into other factors that will affect their workplace performance.


White Paper – The Executive’s Guide to Employee Assessments

Learn how employee assessments give organizations tools that helps leaders make smarter people decisions.

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Employee assessments can play a critical role in the hiring process, but its usefulness doesn’t stop there. The ability to thoroughly and effectively evaluate an employee is important throughout the individual’s relationship with the company.

Assessments can be a valuable tool in determining job fit, and are also helpful when an employee may be re-assigned to another department/position. In addition, this information can offer vital insight into the individual’s likelihood to succeed in a higher-level role if they are being considered for a promotion.

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Profiles International specializes in solutions that can be valuable in evaluating individuals at all stages of the hiring and employment process. The ProfileXT® is an excellent employee assessment tool for pre-employment screening and job applicant selection, while the CheckPoint 360°™ is used to evaluate and promote the effectiveness of managers and leaders.

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