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Almost every employee needs a certain amount of encouragement and motivation on a regular basis. Employee coaching from managers or mentors can be critical to ensuring the individual’s success.


White Paper – The Powerful Act of Coaching Employees

Profiles International’s white paper, “The Powerful Act of Coaching Employees” explores five steps to go from performance evaluation to performance coaching.

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The Importance of Employee Support

Providing employees with sufficient guidance and motivation can greatly impact their performance and increase their likelihood of success. Coaching employees in a supportive and effective way maximizes productivity and creates opportunities for improvement on a consistent basis.

Employee coaching can often help employees resolve problems, overcome challenges, and deal with conflict at an early stage, before these issues affect their performance and job satisfaction in a major way. This process can also provide workers with the guidance, advice, and education that allow them to develop into star employees and future leaders.

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How We Can Help

Profiles International has solutions that can help companies develop an effective employee coaching strategy, and also identify the best ways to support and motivate individual employees. The Step One Survey II® is an assessment tool that can help you evaluate an employee’s work-related attitudes and characteristics, which can determine the best way to motivate and support that individual.

We also have a number of tools to help develop and empower managers, so they can offer coaching to their teams in an effective manner.

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