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A company is only as strong as each of its individual employees. In order to succeed at the highest level, a business must get the highest level of employee performance from every single member of their workforce.


White Paper – What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You – Measuring Workforce Performance and Productivity to Maximize Profitability

Employee performance in IT, HR, and R&D isn’t as easily measured as in other departments, such as sales or production, in which quotas are used. Unless quality and progress of work criteria are clearly defined, measuring employee performance can become vulnerable to personal biases, false impressions, and subjective opinions. This white paper highlights why successful implementation of relevant employee performance metrics is crucial to a company’s success. To make the best strategic decisions, company leaders need this vital information. If objective performance metrics aren’t established and communicated, organizations can fall into the trap of following the status quo concerning talent management. This white paper offers insight into how to measure your employees’ productivity.

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The odds of an employee’s success are determined in large part right from the start. An organization must be able to identify the best candidate to fill a specific position. New hires should be placed in a position that complements their interests, and takes advantage of their skills and abilities.

While a good job match is a great start, it doesn’t automatically guarantee ideal employee performance. For an employee to reach their full potential, they must then have access to the resources and support that will give them the best chance for success.

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Profiles International offers an assortment of solutions that can help companies get the best results from each employee. Our job matching tools can help ensure that new employees are assigned to positions that best align with their abilities.

Employee assessment tools can then identify the best ways to motivate and develop each employee so they can have the best chance to reach their full potential.

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