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Employee productivity is one of the main factors that determine the success of a business. The performance of each individual employee affects the results achieved by their team, department and the company as a whole.


White Paper – Coaching to Develop Employee Performance

Profiles International’s white paper, “Coaching to Develop Employee Performance” explores a coaching-based performance management methodology designed to improve employee performance continuously and proactively.

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The Roots of Productivity

There are a number of elements that affect employee productivity. Motivation, morale, and job satisfaction can all have an impact on how well the person performs at their job. Of course, the employee’s skills and abilities will also play a big role in their output.

Certain issues that are outside of an employee’s control may also impact their performance. If the individual is assigned to a job that isn’t a good fit for them, or that doesn’t best use their skills, they will find it difficult to achieve target productivity goals.

What Assessment Tools Do

How We Can Help

Profiles International has an assortment of employee evaluation tools that can help you measure traits and characteristics that are part of the employee productivity formula. This process helps you identify factors that may affect the employee’s performance.

Our job matching tools can help companies ensure that workers are placed in positions where their natural skills and abilities can be best utilized. These tools can also evaluate the person’s interests and learning styles, which can help managers determine the best ways to motivate team members.

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