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Large companies hire through a high-volume operation, meaning they must find a way to make each specific hire as quickly and efficiently as possible, while still identifying the best candidate(s).

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Research Briefing – Making Every Hire Count: What Really Matters to the C-Suite

In today’s economy, nearly every organization faces pressure to reduce waste, run at peak efficiency and “do more with less.

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Pre-hire assessments provide the easiest and most effective way to eliminate uncertainties in the hiring process. Profiles International pre-hire assessments are invaluable tools for increasing consistency and improving the success of your existing hiring process.

Profiles International pre-hire assessments are a natural extension to your existing hiring process, and can be seamlessly integrated into most applicant tracking systems.


Our Hiring Assessment Solutions

Profiles International pre-hire assessments are a cost-effective addition to your hiring process as they measure and assess job candidates regarding personal integrity, their views on substance abuse, reliability, and work ethic. They are designed not only for hourly-job applicants, but for any position in your organization – entry-level to executive. Our pre-hire assessments evaluate a variety of human resource management challenges that are increasingly eroding companies’ productivity and profitability, including: theft, fraud, unexcused absences, drug use, unauthorized use of company resources and tardiness.

Our powerful pre-hire assessments will also help your organization develop a strategic hiring process that will minimize the costs associated with hiring and recruiting employees. With our technology you will be able to survey candidates to ensure they fit the benchmarks you’ve created for the job and your company. This will allow you to predict job suitability and accurately match people with the work they do, and help you effectively leverage your existing talent.


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