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A candidate or employee who is smart, talented, and dedicated still may not perform well in a specific position if they lack the skills necessary to succeed in that particular job.

For enterprises to run in an efficient and profitable manner, each employee must be performing at peak productivity. This means every worker must have the skills and abilities necessary to do well in their assigned role.

Products overview

Webinar – Emotional Intelligence: Mastering the Pre-hire process

This webinar will look at the pre-hire process and how our assessments have impacted large organizations by making them far more effective and efficient in finding the right people for the right jobs.

What Assessment Tools Do

How We Can Help

Profiles International offers solutions to help companies ensure each employee has the skills and abilities required for their position.

Our assessment tools provide data that can help you:

  • Measure job candidates and current employees against the core characteristics of top performers
  • Identify, hire, and develop top performers
  • Predict job fit and probability for success between the employee and the job
  • Understand fit with managers, team members, and the organization

How assesment tools help you

Our Competency Assessment Solutions

The ProfileXT® measures learning style, behavioral tendencies, and occupational interests. After the candidate completes the assessment, a job match percentage is generated. You will immediately know if a candidate has the potential to succeed in the position you are trying to fill.


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