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In business, there is nothing worse than hiring a competent person and placing them in a position in which they are destined to fail.

However, in a large operation it can be difficult to take the time to carefully match each candidate or employee with the right position—that is, if you don’t have tools to make the process easier to manage.

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Webinar – Actionable Data can Take the Guesswork out of the Hiring Process

This data has proven that when you hire people who are identified as “most likely to succeed,” they stay on the job longer and perform better. In this webinar, you will learn that it’s not about the quantity of job applicants; it is about the quality of those individuals. Learn first-hand how actionable data will save you time and money and help you to hire, promote, train, and develop employees capable of performing at superior levels.

Products overview

How Can We Help?

Profiles International offers solutions to help ensure that you select the best employees for the particular positions you need to fill.

Our tools help organizations avoid talent management errors and wasted potential. Ensuring the perfect job match will lead to improved performance, focused direction, elevated commitment, new ideas and initiatives, and increased job satisfaction.


Our Job Matching Solutions

The ProfileXT®, is a best-in-class talent assessment tool that matches people with their strengths; measuring factors that mark the difference between success and failure in specific jobs. ProfileXT® helps organizations put the right person in the right position, allowing them to maximize their potential and utilize their talent without limitations.


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