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Profiles International offers enterprise leadership training and development solutions that combine the process of evaluating organizational information with a personalized leadership development system to help managers improve the critical skills that are most needed by your organization.

Products overview

Leadership Blook – Become an Effective Leader

Leadership guru John Maxwell famously said that “everything rises and falls on leadership.” No other factor has the potential to sink or soar your business this year than the level of leadership taught, caught, and displayed by you and your C-suite team.

Our Leadership Blook is a collection of the most timely and relevant articles on leadership that have appeared on our Profiles blog in the past year. Reading the Blook guarantees that you will learn something you can use daily in your business to elevate yourself or your other leaders, something that will cause your business to rise to the next level. The Leadership Blook features articles from Joie de Vivre Hotels founder and CEO Chip Conley, and Winick Enterprises CEO and thought leader Peter Winick.

What Assessment Tools Do

How We Can Help

Our solutions help managers quickly become more effective.  Our approach is based on two elements:

  • Help managers understand and develop their own leadership competencies
  • Provide useful insight to managers about the employees they manage, along with specific coaching advice on how to develop employees and increase their productivity

Profiles International focuses on helping large enterprise organizations close their leadership gap – improving the effectiveness of both their front-line managers and executive leaders.

How assesment tools help you

Our Leadership Development Solutions

Our leadership development solutions address specific leadership skills identified as requiring improvement, enabling managers to pursue self-improvement in the areas most essential to their job performance. Profiles will provide you with objective, quantifiable data about individual managers so you can make the best possible leadership development and training decisions.

In addition, our assessment tools can provide managers with critical insight about the employees they manage, including measuring employees’ attitudes, motivations, and beliefs toward their employers, current managers, and job functions. This is a critical first step toward building a high-performance workforce and improving the engagement levels within your organization.


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