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A highly productive sales force is the lifeblood of a healthy, thriving business. We help you select and manage sales professionals who will succeed in your unique culture.

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White Paper – What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You—Measuring Workforce Performance and Productivity to Maximize Profitability

Readers of this white paper will learn the importance of implementing work performance measurements, continually evaluating and revising metrics as required, and collecting the most detailed, quantifiable data available. Companies with strong performance-measuring programs will benefit from a well-qualified workforce and a good return-on-investment for their human resource assessments.

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Putting the right people in the right positions is overwhelmingly viewed as one of the most important factors to improve overall sales force effectiveness. In fact, the ability to have the right people in the right positions is much more likely to impact sales results than other talent-related dimensions of sales effectiveness analyzed, including recruitment and retention.

This isn’t a subjective process or one you can leave to chance. You must have a formal process that quantitatively assesses the strengths and capabilities of each individual team member. The ability to absorb product knowledge, business acumen, and specific industry experience all help. But to make smart, talent-based decisions, you must understand the inherent strengths of an individual and put them in positions that leverage those strengths


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Large enterprises tend to have a sizeable salesforce, which means it’s important to have an efficient system in place for managing and evaluating these teams.

At Profiles International, we offer a variety of tools that can help you gain better insights about your sales staff, which can then help you develop training programs and management strategies that will best fit your team.


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The Profiles Performance Indicator™ measures behavioral tendencies in five critical job-related competencies: productivity, quality of work, initiative, teamwork, and problem solving. Used to evaluate employee talent, Profiles Performance Indicator™ increases employee productivity and motivation, and provides recommendations for improving employee performance.


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