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Not everyone is cut out for sales. Companies must have an effective and reliable way to identify those individuals with strong potential for sales success.


eBook – 6 Steps to Successful Sales

Learn how to effectively manage and coach your sales team to maximize sales force productivity. Successful salespeople possess a unique set of personality attributes and traits that enable them to succeed. “6 Steps to Successful Sales” offers invaluable content to not only help salespeople be more successful, but also to help the sales manager more effectively lead their sales force.

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Identifying Potential Sales Stars

Assigning employees to sales roles when they don’t have interests or abilities in that particular area will just set them up for failure. While sales skills can be developed and strengthened, this is one of those areas where it is very difficult to succeed if the individual doesn’t have at least some basic natural potential.

The ability to determine which employees are best suited for a sales position can provide a valuable advantage for companies that strive to build strong and successful teams in the sales department.

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Profiles International offers an array of solutions to help companies identify and develop sales employees. Our Profiles Sales Assessment™ helps you determine how well a candidate or employee fits a specific sales job in your organization, so that you can optimize sales success.

We also have a number of tools and resources focused on sales performance management.

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