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Successful organizations provide opportunities for their team members to grow and advance within their company. After all, it is much easier and more cost-effective to promote from within.

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White Paper – Innovating the Talent Assessment Experience: A Promising Engagement

There has long been the argument that as long as the assessment measures the characteristics we are intending to measure, and does so with a high degree of reliability, validity, and sensitivity, then very little else matters. However, this belief is changing.

Dr. Kurt Hulett’s white paper provides an in-depth discussion about the candidate’s experience from the moment they walk in HR’s doors. The document also explains the reasons for the creation of an authentic, meaningful assessment, the importance of a consultative culture, and much more.

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Productivity is not just the responsibility of employees – managers can impact productivity in both positive and negative ways. When employees are not a good fit with their manager, problems ensue, resulting in less output. It only takes one unhappy employee to lower the morale of the others. An effective manager will build personal relationships with his employees, and give the encouragement needed for them to further develop their talents.

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Profiles International provides you the tools you need to increase productivity by staffing your organizations with people who are productive, skilled, and committed. Let us show you how to maximize your human capital in ways that result in substantial employee productivity increases and improved employee morale.

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At Profiles International, we have several tools that will assist you in employee development. With the ProfileXT®, you can utilize job fit to place the right employees in the right positions. By measuring learning index, behavioral traits, and occupational interests, you can ensure that you are hiring successful, productive employees.

A big part of developing your employees is encouraging and enabling their growth. To best target these efforts, you must know where their strengths and interests lie. We also have additional assessment tools that can assist you in determining an employee’s strengths and the types of positions that would be the best fit for them.

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