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Effective team communication is an important part of every thriving business. In order to be successful, a team must be comprised of members who are able to communicate effectively and work together in a positive way.


Webinar – Coaching Your Team to Reach Their Maximum Potential

Leaders have the challenge of knowing how to maximize the working relationship with each direct report, individually and as a cohesive unit. But in the workplace, compatibility is not always achieved, and not always desirable.

In this webinar, you will learn how to better understand personality clashes, and how they can have a negative effect on departmental success when they are not addressed.

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Fostering Effective Communications

Just as each person has their own unique personality, everyone also has an individual approach to team communication. Some people tend to be more assertive and verbal, while others prefer to listen to all of the viewpoints before offering some carefully chosen words. The ability to handle criticism or consider differing viewpoints in a positive way is also an important part of team dynamics and effective communication.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, teams often need to accomplish their goals quickly. This means the employees involved may not have the luxury of taking a lot of time to evaluate each other’s personalities, so they can learn how to best communicate as a group.

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Profiles International offers a variety of tools to help team members and their leaders identify the best strategies for effective team communication among the group.

Our employee evaluation tools can identify potential sources of conflict, as well as communication issues that may need to be resolved. These assessments can also reveal any particular biases, misconceptions, or beliefs on the part of an individual employee that may impact the manner in which they communicate with others in their team.

We also provide team building tools that can help employees learn techniques to interact with co-workers in a positive way, despite differing viewpoints or varying communication styles.

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