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Hiring managers must often make important decisions with little information. Profiles’ career assessments offer another tool that can help hiring managers gain knowledge and understanding about an applicant before reaching the interviewing stage.

Here are some questions we often get from hiring managers:

Frequently Asked Questions

How will your career assessments help me be more successful?

We will help you save time, reduce hiring mistakes, and make better personnel decisions related to promotions, team building, and succession planning. These will also help you better manage, motivate, and develop them.

Our career assessments enable you to uncover objective information about your candidates’ and employees’ personalities, behaviors, interests, and abilities. This insight helps you quickly screen-out unsuitable candidates and match others with jobs that fit their inherent capabilities. It also helps you understand strengths and limitations for successful onboarding, and identify opportunities to enhance performance and maximize their long-term contribution to your organization and team.

How does the assessment process work?

In most situations, your human resources department owns the assessment process in your organization, and an HR manager will receive detailed training in all aspects of our career assessments. Part of this process will be to guide them through the implementation process and to train others who will use the system, such as hiring managers and those who manage employees.

Once your organization is set-up and everyone is trained, most candidates will take their career assessments online through your branded Profiles Assessment Center (PAC). You will use your private PAC to schedule candidates, generate reports, and manage candidate data. Scheduled candidates will receive a link from the system to take the assessments. They do not need to be present at your facility, and proctoring is not necessary. Immediately after the completion of the assessment, you will be able to access the results and available reports for that candidate.

The assessment results serve as a guide to enhance your due diligence so you can make the best decisions for you and your organization.

How do your assessments help me select the best people?

Our career assessments give you deep, objective insight into a candidate’s personality, behaviors, and interests necessary for success. These include:

  • Work ethic, reliability, and integrity
  • Fit with the job
  • Fit with the team
  • Fit with the manager

For example, the ProfileXT®(PXT) helps a manager benchmark top performers in a specific job to identify the qualities required for success, and then use this model as a basis to evaluate new candidates. Hiring managers typically receive training on the PXT that includes discussion of statistics showing that employees who come closest to these ideal profiles are most likely to stay with the company. The training also covers how to use assessment results and helps guide managers’ choices regarding what questions to ask in job interviews. The PXT is one input to the hiring decision. If the hiring manager decides to hire an employee who is not evaluated as a good fit, the information from the career assessment is not lost. This data provides valuable insights to the manager in order to develop a plan that will increase the individual’s success in the role – data the manager would not have had otherwise.

How do your assessments help me develop my people?

Profiles’ career assessments help you develop your employees by precisely identifying their skill gaps, 360-degree feedback, occupational interests, and their natural work-related behavioral, attitudinal and motivational tendencies. In addition to providing you with information, we also provide you with tools and training to use the assessment data for improving their performance, productivity, and relationships with customers, co-workers and managers.

How easy is it for me to use your assessments? Will I require any specific training?

Below is a quote from one of our Fortune 2000 healthcare clients:

“The most compelling reason to use your tool is that it is so simple to use. Our very diverse workforce should be able to use the tool and the reports immediately. The term I use to describe what I like is plain talk that anybody can understand. It’s not HR jargon or anything like that. The other reasons I like it is that we do not have to go through any kind of certification, and it is completely scalable. I know I sound like a walking advertisement, but I really feel this way about it.”

In other words, our career assessments are very easy to use. As a hiring manager, you will learn how to use the assessment reports, and in some cases you may need to learn to schedule candidates. You will not require any help from a psychologist and no certification is required.

When should I use career assessments with my staff?

The widespread introduction of assessment tools can raise concerns among your employees if your organization doesn’t communicate their purpose in an unthreatening way. As part of a change management or performance improvement strategy, assessments should be presented as a process of gathering information as both an effort to provide managers with a tool for better understanding employees’ strengths and weaknesses, and as simply a matter of keeping thorough records. The key is process consistency, especially when evaluating candidates for promotion or lateral moves. Whenever it is discovered that an employee has not completed a profile, we suggest your human resources department request one as a required component for an up-to-date file.

How heavily will I need to rely on our HR department or outside psychologists?

Your HR department will play a critical role in the setup and implementation of the assessments, and training you to use the assessment reports. However, you usually will not need to rely on them to schedule candidates or understand the reports about candidates you are considering.

How much time is required for a candidate to complete your career assessments?

Time required depends on the assessment, but usually ranges from 15 to 45 minutes. Typically, the longer the assessment, the more comprehensive the resulting information; however, we do not put a time limit on most of our assessments.

Will your career assessments discourage good candidates from applying?

Over the past 20 years, we have found this not to be the case. Requiring placement assessments typically signals to good candidates that you take selection and development seriously.

Do I need to take the career assessments?

No. However, we strongly recommend that every employee takes the assessment for his or her own benefit. The assessments not only provide you with valuable information about yourself, but some of the reports reveal insight about how you can work better with your peers, your direct reports, your boss, and special teams.

Are your career assessments specific enough for my function and industry?

Yes. The assessments are general enough to cover issues that are prevalent in almost every workplace. But, Profiles’ assessments have the unique job matching ability that allows you to customize your career assessments to see who fits where. The strong reliability and demonstrated validity of the assessments ensures that the results and reports are accurate in what they measure and applicable to any employee or prospective employee.

Are your career assessments relevant and credible to me and to my peers?

Yes. Each Profiles assessment is re-validated regularly to ensure the questions are up-to-date and that they measure what they intend to measure. The credibility of our career assessments is not only measured by the governing bodies of this industry, but also by the number of companies who have cut hiring costs in half and decreased turnover significantly.

Do your career assessments have the flexibility to fit my needs?

Yes, and in many ways. First, we offer a full range of assessments ranging from basic skills tests to personality and behavioral inventories and 360 degree feedback systems. You can implement any or all of the career assessments to achieve your specific objectives. Your Profiles’ Client Service Executive will help you do this. And you can add additional assessments at any time. Our assessments share a common language and delivery platform, and scale effortlessly across your organization.

Once you have selected the assessments that meet your needs, your Client Service Executive will help you fine tune these assessments to reflect your organization’s unique jobs, structure, and culture. For example, the job matching feature of the ProfileXT® enables you to identify the key attributes of high performers in a specific job, and then create a custom benchmark to evaluate prospective candidates and coach others to improve performance. Our process is truly remarkable and unmatched in the industry.

What type of assessments do you offer?

We offer career assessments that cover a full range of human capital issues.

For more information on each assessment, click on the assessment or click here.

Do your assessments really predict success?

Yes. We take great efforts and make significant investments in research and development to continually validate our career assessments. Your Profiles’ Client Service Executive will work with you to help analyze your results and fine tune your assessments to ensure they are working properly and delivering value for your organization.

How do we get started?

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