Ineffective Hiring Practices

Poor Selection Process

Organizations that do not have a carefully planned hiring process based on effective practices and proven, reliable systems will likely not be as productive or as successful as they could be.

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Webinar – Actionable Data can Take the Guesswork out of the Hiring Process

This data has proven that when you hire people who are identified as “most likely to succeed,” they stay on the job longer and perform better. In this webinar, you will learn that it’s not about the quantity of job applicants; it is about the quality of those individuals. Learn first-hand how actionable data will save you time and money and help you to hire, promote, train, and develop employees capable of performing at superior levels.

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When hiring is done without the foundation of tested and proven systems, it can be difficult to hold confidence that you have made the best hiring decision. You may essentially be leaving this critical decision up to chance or luck. In addition, operating with an inefficient hiring process causes you to waste time and resources because you will lack clear direction as to what steps you should take or how the process should progress.

In the end, it will be a challenge for you to make an objective, well-informed evaluation of the candidates. This will make selecting the best candidate difficult.

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Profiles International provides solutions to help you establish a well-structured, consistent hiring process based on reliable, effective tactics and tools. Our solutions include in-depth background checks and pre-screening evaluations using the Step One Survey II®.

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