Lack of Management Skills

Lack Management Skills

While some people seem to have been born with the leadership gene, for others this role doesn’t come naturally. In many cases, this type of role may not even be very comfortable for them, at least not at first.

White Paper Eight Signs of Incompetent Managers

White Paper – Eight Signs of Incompetent Managers

Like winning coaches, successful managers are both talented and skilled. But if a manager lacks natural talent, his or her odds of success are lower. We identified and explored eight signs of incompetent managers.

How This Affects Your Business

Management Development Overview

The natural born leaders may have a head start, but through the right training and support other smart and skilled employees can also be developed into excellent managers. In many cases, these employees do have innate leadership ability, but they simply haven’t had the right opportunity to display it. Or, perhaps they lack the confidence to exert their authority in a leadership position.

Investing in training and mentoring future leaders is a worthwhile investment for your company. Leadership skills may not always be immediately obvious. It can be challenging to determine which of your employees have the potential to be developed into great future managers.

Management Skills Solutions

Our Solutions

Profiles International offers many solutions to help you develop the management skills of your employees. These solutions include:

  • Checkpoint 360°™ measures many specific job skills covering several management and leadership areas
  • ProfileXT®  measures interests, behavioral tendencies and other characteristics
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