Lack of Leadership

Lack of Leadership

Employees need leadership. Even the most self-motivated and independent workers still need some level of guidance, direction and support from their manager.

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Webinar – Leadership Development: Proven Steps to Increase Effectiveness in Any Organization

Learn what leadership and management skills are absolutely critical to achieving results. Helping each employee become a leader in their job dramatically impacts the bottom line. Attend this webinar to learn what worked well in 2013, what to anticipate for 2014, and how to increase the effectiveness of every leader in your organization with zero dollar investment.

How This Affects Your Business

How Lack of Leadership Affects Your Business

Employees who lack strong leadership will become frustrated and potentially feel  they aren’t getting the support they need from the company. They will also find it challenging to progress and advance at a normal rate since they aren’t receiving the type of support and guidance that will encourage their growth.

A good leader serves as a mentor, advocate and adviser to their team members. In absence of this valuable and critical resource, employees will struggle and lose motivation. This can eventually prompt them to leave, thus resulting in higher turnover rates.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

At Profiles International, we can provide solutions to help you identify and fix any gaps or weak points in your leadership staffing. One of our most important tools to help in this area is the Checkpoint 360°™. This assessment tool provides valuable insight as to a specific individual’s leadership style by drawing upon feedback from staff members of different levels who work with that person on a regular basis.


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