Poor Managerial Skills

Poor Selection Process

Your employees are only as effective as the people who lead them. Even the most dedicated employees need someone to motivate, support and guide them so they can perform at their best. Improving poor managerial skills can make a world of difference.


White Paper – Eight Signs of Incompetent Managers

Like winning coaches, successful managers are both talented and skilled. But if a manager lacks natural talent, his or her odds of success are lower. We identified and explored eight signs of incompetent managers.

Selection Process Overview

Creating Better Managers

An organization’s ability to compete against others in the industry relies heavily upon its talent. Your competitive analysis must take into account both the quantity and quality of your employees. You will need accurate information about the size of your workforce, their skill sets and major strengths. It is also important to identify your most valuable employees and key positions.

Poor Selection Affects Your Business

How We Can Help

Profiles International has talent assessment tools to help you evaluate your current workforce in a quick, systematic way. We allow you to assess your talent overall, and evaluate specific employees’ strengths and contributions to the organization.

Our competitive analysis tools can then help you determine how you compare to key competitors—and give you actionable steps you can take right away to become more competitive.

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