Developing Potential

Employee Development
Once you have good people on your team, you want to invest in helping them grow and develop into top employees and potential leaders.

Webinar – Coaching Your Team to Reach Their Maximum Potential

Leaders have the challenge of knowing how to maximize the working relationship with each direct report, individually and as a cohesive unit. But in the workplace, compatibility is not always achieved, and not always desirable.

In this webinar, we will learn how to better understand personality clashes, and how they can have a negative effect on departmental success when they are not addressed.

Hiring Challenges Overview

Developing Potential Overview

You likely are eager to support your employees and help them grow and thrive, but you may not know the best way to do that. It’s important to have a carefully planned strategy for this purpose. Putting together programs without any data or science behind them will waste both your money and the employees’ time.

How a Poor Hiring Process Affects Your Business

How This Affects Your Business

Employees who don’t receive training, support or education will fail to grow. They may get stuck in place and will grow bored or frustrated with their inability to move ahead. This will likely make them want to leave and seek other opportunities. Stagnant employees also aren’t generally highly motivated and won’t perform at their highest potential.

Our Solutions

How We Can Help

Profiles International offers tools that can provide you with the information you need to plan and enact programs to best help your employees grow and broaden their skill set. Our assessments also help you determine the types of support and resources that would be most beneficial to your individual staff members.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

In order to best develop a particular employee, you must first find out where their strengths and interests lie.

The ProfileXT® can help you easily get a good sense of an employee’s abilities and interests. This tool provides a comprehensive assessment of the person’s thinking style, behaviors and other traits that have a big impact on their job performance and work style. This data can also help identify the type of positions for which they have the greatest chance of success


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