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The early stage of a new employee’s arrival is a critical point, one that can determine the path of their career with your company. It is to your advantage to do everything possible to ensure this onboarding is a positive experience -one that best prepares the individual for their new position.


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Companies who implement an effective onboarding program during the first three months of new hire employment experience 31 percent less turnover than those who don’t. Are your hiring and onboarding processes costing you unnecessarily? Don’t let your company become another statistic!

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Effective Employee Orientation Strategies

Ideally, your employee orientation events should serve several purposes. You want to welcome the new individual to the team in a way that will make them enthusiastic about joining the group. This period is also a time for them to adapt to the new environment, get a better insight as to the company culture and become familiar with internal policies and procedures.

From a practical standpoint, the employee orientation program should also provide important information that will help prepare the new employee for the demands of the job. If an employee feels overwhelmed or unappreciated right from the start, it will not establish an environment in which the person is motivated to perform at their best.

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Profiles International has a number of solutions that can help you tailor your orientation to the specific needs of your new employee(s). Our talent assessment tools can identify areas in which these employees need support, and can also determine the best communication style with which to present this important information.

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