Leadership Training and Development

Leadership training and development
Effective leaders are essential for maintaining a successful company. Your company needs to ensure that your leaders grow and constantly improve.

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Leadership Blook – Become an Effective Leader

Our Leadership Blook is a collection of the most timely and relevant articles on leadership that have appeared on our Profiles blog in the past year. Reading the Blook guarantees that you will learn something you can use daily in your business to elevate yourself or your other leaders, something that will cause your business to rise to the next level. The Leadership Blook features articles from Joie de Vivre Hotels founder and CEO Chip Conley, and Winick Enterprises CEO and thought leader Peter Winick.

Employment Screening Challenges Overview

Leadership Training & Development Overview

Some people are natural leaders. Others may not believe they have innate leadership skills, but through leadership assessment solutions, can be developed and trained to become successful and talented managers. The challenge for many mid-level businesses is figuring out the best ways to support and nurture these leaders, helping them to reach their full potential.

Poor Performance Overview

How This Affects Your Business

If your leaders aren’t properly trained and supported, they in turn will find it difficult to mentor and develop the staff members they supervise. As a result, many of your staff members will likely fail to perform at their best and may stagnate in place.

How Poor Employee Performance Affects Your Business

How We Can Help

At Profiles International, we know you want to support your company’s leaders, but aren’t sure exactly how best to do that. Our tools can help you understand where your leaders need support and training—and can also suggest the best ways to motivate and encourage these employees.

If your management staff includes people who have great potential but don’t quite have the level of leadership skills or experience they need to excel in their role, we can help.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Profiles International has several resources to help you identify and develop your current and future leaders. Our primary tool to help your leadership development challenges is the Checkpoint 360°™. This assessment tool evaluates a wide range of job skills and management aptitudes, partly based on surveys completed by staff members who work in a variety of different capacities with the manager being evaluated.

This provides you and the manager with unique insight into how their leadership style is perceived by those around them. As part of this assessment, we also provide recommendations of tactics that can improve the specific employee’s leadership skills and enhance professional development.


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