Succession Planning

Succession Planning
Even the most successful and efficient company can have major problems if succession planning isn’t handled properly.

Leadership Development

Webinar – Succession Planning and Talent Management: Development Strategies for A, B, and C Players

TLearn what specific development actions you can take to sustain the performance of
an A Player, what actions to take to help A Players sustain performance when moving to positions with greater responsibility within your organization, what actions result in the movement of B Players to A Players, and those critical actions needed to take place when working with C Players

Succession Planning Challenges Overview

Succession Planning Overview

While many businesses know succession planning is important, it may not seem like an urgent priority. The duties involved with the daily operations usually tend to take precedence. An additional challenge may be the lack of knowledge or expertise related to succession planning.

How a Poor Hiring Process Affects Your Business

How This Affects Your Business

You may not realize how unprepared your business is for a change in leadership until it’s too late.  Trying to scramble at the last minute will make it very difficult to enact a smooth transition. In that situation, you will also be more likely to make costly mistakes or overlook important details.

Our Solutions

How We Can Help

It’s important to be proactive and have a succession plan in place to avoid confusion, anxiety, and disruptions that can have a negative impact on productivity. Profiles International has tools to help you analyze your available resources and identify the team members who can play in integral role during a change in operations or leadership.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

The ProfileXT® is a “total person” assessment and a powerful solution that helps you assess an employee’s match with a specific position, and evaluate their job match with other positions. A candidate’s ProfileXT® data is compared with job-match patterns for a number of positions, and an easy-to-read report is displayed with job-match percentages for each position. This creates a powerful succession plan for both the individual and organization.

The ProfileXT® measures and predicts performance in areas essential in making the most effective promotion decisions. The ProfileXT® utilizes advanced online technology that predicts job suitability, and accurately matches people with the work they do now or will do in the future.


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