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No matter what position they may hold within a company, almost every employee will be required to work as part of a team at some point. Their ability to succeed in this role will help the team achieve their goals and function productively.


White Paper – Creating a Team Building Culture

Profiles International’s white paper, “Creating a Team Building Culture,” explores the use of predicative performance patterns and job matching to improve employee engagement, accelerate performance, and build your employee brand loyalty.

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Developing Team Skills

There are several characteristics that will determine the ability of employees to work with a team and, in turn, influence the success of the team as a unit. Cooperation, communication, positive attitude, and a willingness to consider diverse opinions are all essential to optimum team output.

Difficulty working in a team does not necessarily indicate a lack of motivation or interest on the part of individual employees. Often, employees who have a strong desire to work productively as part of a team may simply lack the team skills or knowledge that would allow them to interact effectively with other team members.

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Profiles International offers solutions to help companies develop teamwork within their ranks. Our assessment tools can help identify the best tactics to foster and encourage positive communication and team relations among individual employees. Our team-building resources then help these employees work together as a cohesive unit.

Our resources for developing strong managers can also ensure that companies have leaders who are best equipped to manage team dynamics and resolve conflicts.

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