Children of Domestic Violence

Profiles International Announces Social Partnership with Children of Domestic Violence

Fort Worth, TX. January 15, 2014 –Talent management solutions provider, Profiles International, announced a new social partnership at its 22nd Annual World Conference. The announcement was made during a general session by Profiles International’s CEO, Bud Haney, to over 300 partners and international directors from around the world.

Profiles International has been searching for the perfect social partnership for years, and believes that the mission of Children of Domestic Violence (CDV) aligns well with that of Profiles International – to help people perform at their maximum potential.

Haney introduced CDV’s Founder and CEO, Brian F. Martin, who addressed the World Conference attendees and spoke on the newly-founded social partnership.

“Brian has been responsible for growing his foundation and creating awareness since its founding in 2007,” said Haney. “We knew that with Profiles’ global reach in over 120 countries, we could easily help CDV spread their crucial message around the world. We are proud to be associated with this prestigious organization and cause.”

Profiles International will use their science and methodology to build a unique assessment, which will help CDV members and the people affected by domestic violence to outline their true identities and establish their strengths.

“Profiles International is determined to aid CDV and people affected by domestic violence, and encourages them to grow into the most efficient, happy, and successful people they can be,” continued Haney.

Learn more about the conference by visiting, or follow Profiles International on Twitter @Profilesintl #PIConf2014.


CDV is the first organization to dedicate its efforts to helping those impacted by childhood domestic violence. They work to bring to light a social epidemic that’s taking a toll on children and society, raise the collective level of awareness, and transform the lives of those affected. They seek to help them understand the childhood domestic violence they experienced and to choose a path that can help them reach their full potential.