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Employment Assessment Tools
At Profiles, we have compiled a wealth of resources based on our extensive expertise in the workplace field. We offer eBooks, Blooks, Whitepapers and Research Reports to our audience. We encourage you to explore some of the materials below—and please contact us if you need additional information or have questions.

Employment Assessment Tools

Workplace 101

With this blog, we aim to inform and educate you about important topics related to hiring and personnel. We will tell you everything you need to know to improve your staff’s workplace productivity and performance, and explain the critical role that assessment tools can play in that process.

Our experts share the latest news and helpful advice on a variety of topics related to hiring, workplace management and talent development.

You can find out about the newest research and best tactics to ensure your company attracts and keeps the best talent. Follow our blog for short, easy-to-read posts on what you need to know—and what you can do—to assemble the best team to help your business succeed.

Employment Assessment Tools


Our interactive eBooks will address and provide valuable information needed to become a better leader, increase sales, hire and retain top-talent, and improve employee engagement. We encourage you to download, print and share our eBooks with employees and business partners alike.

Employment Assessment Tools

Case Studies

Our case studies provide you with valuable insight into how our products and solutions benefit companies and play a vital role in their success. You will learn exactly what we did to help our clients—and hear advice and lessons directly from our clients. These detail-packed reports give you practical examples of how Profiles International can help your business run more profitably and efficiently. You can see exactly how we supported companies like yours in achieving their business goals.
By studying the examples of other successful companies and learning from their missteps, you can avoid wasting valuable time and resources by making common mistakes that can take you in the wrong direction. The tactics and strategies you can learn from these case studies will help you focus on exactly what you need to do to get the most out of your team.