Lack of Interview Skills

Succession Planning

At a small business, the hiring of a new employee may be a rare occurrence. As a result, personnel staff may not conduct many candidate interviews—meaning they may not get many chances to develop their interview skills.

Succession Planning Challenges Overview

eBook – Pre-Hire Preparation eBook

Pre-screen applicants to identify issues before they happen! Shrinkage costs businesses millions annually; loss prevention systems are critical. Your employee selection process is one of the most strategic and valuable places you can cut costs and maximize productivity.

This eBook is designed to equip you with the necessary steps to ensure an effective pre-hire process and teach you the benefits of strategic hiring.

Succession Planning Challenges Overview

How We Can Help

With the sporadic nature of hiring at small companies, your HR staff may not have a lot of opportunities to perfect their interview skills. They would benefit greatly from tools that help them evaluate and assess candidates in an efficient and scientifically proven way.

Our tools can support staff members with limited interviewing experience and help them feel confident in their ability to choose the best people for your company.

How a Poor Hiring Process Affects Your Business

Our Solutions

Profiles International has candidate assessment solutions that can assist your staff in evaluating candidates, so they can make the best hiring decisions. These solutions include:

  • ProfileXT® is a tool designed for pre-employment screening and assessment.  This tool helps you determine which candidate will be most successful—and happiest—in a particular position.
  • Step One Survey II® is a short pre-employment screening tool that measures a candidate’s basic work-related values.

We can also assist with background checks that can reveal anything about a candidate that may be of concern—before you make a hiring decision. 


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