Poor Employee Performance

Poor employee performance

Problems with employee performance can often be traced back to a conflict with leadership or a job that doesn’t mesh well with the employee’s interests or abilities.

Webinar – Improve Performance and Achieve Measurable Bottom-Line Results

Did you know that 10 TOP-PERFORMING sales professionals provide nearly the same output as 28 MARGINAL salespeople? This webinar will demonstrate the direct link between the achievement of measurable business results and assessment data.

White Paper-Why Smart Employees Underperform

Executive Briefing – Why Smart Employees Underperform

Profiles International’s study, Why Smart Employees Underperform, examines key factors in what causes employees to fail.

How Poor Employee Performance Affects Your Business

How Poor Employee Performance Affects Your Business

When employees are not a good fit with their job or their manager, problems ensue, resulting in less output. It only takes one unhappy employee to lower the morale of others. This is particularly true at a small business, where the performance or attitude of one employee can affect others around them, perhaps soon causing a problem that involves a significant segment of your workforce.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Profiles International offers a variety of solutions to help you ensure that each employee is performing at their best. This includes assessment tools such as the ProfileXT® that can help you place employees in jobs that are the best fit for them. This test can also help you determine how to best motivate and encourage a particular employee, while also creating a development plan to help them improve and expand their skills.


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