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Hiring great employees is a great start to ensure the success of your business. Once you have those team members on board, though, you must help them succeed and thrive.

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Four Steps for Developing Employee Potential

Imagine the future of your organization. Your company is brimming with the
potential found within each of your employees. Developing this potential is a way to strengthen your employees and your company in the same move. After all, it is people that make up a company and drive it toward success. After spending money and time finding a job candidate, developing employee potential is the only way you can begin to reap the benefits of your hard work; but you must use a specific, targeted approach. This webinar will explain the four steps to help with developing employee potential.

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Employee Development Overview

As a small business, developing your existing staff members ensures the ongoing growth and success of your company by allowing you to prepare employees who can serve as leaders in the future. Implementing training and development programs is a great way to assist your employees in strengthening and expanding their skills. However, it can be a challenge for a small business to create these systems if they aren’t already in place.

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How Employee Development Affects Your Company

Employees tend to lose motivation if they remain in one position too long or don’t feel challenged. This can cause a decline in morale and lead to higher turnover. In addition, bored or discouraged workers tend to be less productive. It is to your benefit—as well as the employee’s—to provide opportunities for your team members to grow and advance within your company. It is much easier and more cost-effective to promote from within.

At Profiles International, we have tools that can assist you in all aspects of employee development.

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When employees are placed in jobs that fit with their own natural gifts and talents, they tend to succeed. Rather than placing employees only where there is a need, consider how each employee individually matches his or her specific job. However, there is more to job fit than merely making sure the employee can do a job. You must also ensure that the employee wants to do the job. If he or she isn’t happy, then they aren’t going to produce much more than an unqualified employee.

At Profiles International, we have tools that can assist you in all aspects of employee development.


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With the ProfileXT®, you can utilize job fit to place the right employees in the right positions. By measuring learning index, behavioral traits, and occupational interests, you can ensure that you are hiring successful, productive employees.


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