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Employee training is important for both new employees and those who have been with your company for a long time. Workers at all stages of their career cycle need regular training and development to help them strengthen their existing abilities and master new skills that will allow them to stay competitive.


White Paper – Training and Developing Employees to Succeed

To ensure that trainees apply new skills on the job, managers and trainers must enforce these learned skills before, during, and after training. Learn how to prepare, conduct, and maintain a staff training and development program.

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Employee Training Must Be Targeted

You cannot afford to waste time and resources on disorganized or poorly planned employee training programs. In order to target your training efforts in the most efficient way, you need to find out where your employees need further development, support, or education. This means you have to identify areas in which they are weak or lack critical skills and knowledge.

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Profiles International offers a suite of solutions that can help you identify areas where your employees need support and development, so you can target your training efforts accordingly. Our talent assessment tools can help you pinpoint the particular areas in which your employees are weak or lack critical skills.

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